Depression And Widows

Widows have to be careful that they don’t slip into depression. It is so easy to let everything go, because our whole life has changed. The symptoms to watch out for are lack of sleep, decreased interest in life, feelings of guilt, no energy, difficulty in focusing and the opposite being over busy to avoid dealing with your emotions. It is natural to have one or more these symptoms when your husband dies but the symptoms should lessen with time and if you can manage to get through it without drugs your long-term quality of life is better.

Try to avoid depression by forcing yourself to get out of the house to interact with others. Exercise, even if its just getting out for a long walk, will help you to heal. Pick a new hobby or interest so that you have something to focus on that is positive and interesting. You can get your balance back by helping others. When you give of yourself it will always come back to bless you.

There is no time frame for grief and it has to take its course. To grieve and heal is a natural process as we slowly get back on our feet. Depression interferes with your healing so please don’t let it creep up on you.

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