Couple friends change when your a widow.

One thing that I noticed when I became a widow is that couple friends slowly moved away from me. They didn’t plan to be mean but after all I was no longer “a couple” and so I didn’t fit into that social circle. They tried at first but it was hard – two women and one man was just not working. The man felt uncomfortable without another man to talk with.

The women started asking me out just the two of us and that worked for a while but it slowly stopped. In the end I wasn’t comfortable either and so I let the couples go their way. I started to make new friends and I experienced new social activities that I could enjoy as a “non couple” person.

It is hard to lose a husband and then to adjust to the social changes but after 3 years I’ve come into my own and I’m ok. It’s just life and as your journey takes a different path so does your friendships.

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