Peace, Balance and Enjoyment

No matter what responsibilities you may have, you can find peace, balance and enjoyment in every area of your life, but it all starts with you.  You have more power inside of you than you may realize.  You just have to tap into the inner strength you already have.

As you begin to recognize your own abilities and strengths, and use them to find your way, all the areas of your life will fall into place.

I still miss Donnie and being married and after four years I still have my empty times.  But I have found my way and I can say that I have peace, balance and enjoyment in my own life.  It is a journey and it has it’s good times and bad times but it is my journey and my responsibility to be all that I can be.  After all I only have one life to live and one journey to travel.  It has taken different paths and some have been difficult, but it has made me who I am today.

You’re on your own journey with your own struggles to overcome.  As you find your path look for peace, balance and enjoyment in your life because nothing else matters if you don’t have those three.

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  1. Igor

    Your book IS a tool for healing. After rnaeidg it, I almost feel like i can’t explain it it’s not a turning point , but I feel like I can take one more step. It’s a powerful step.I brought your book to my Widow’s grief group and recommended it to everyone. First book I’ve read (and I have read LOTS) that actually gets it.

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