A year ago I thought about taking my rings off but I just was not ready.  It was almost four years but it didn’t feel right to me.

More time has passed and it will soon be five years that I went from wife to widow and lately I’ve put more thought into my wedding rings.

The wedding ring symbolizes our love for our spouses and afterwards it’s a comfort as a reminder of our love.  It can also stop unwanted advances as we grieve.  There are as many reasons to keep wearing them as there is to remove them.

Some widows move their rings to their other hand or pass their rings on to someone they feel close to such as a daughter or granddaughter.

In the end I took it to a jeweler and made two pendants out of them– one for me and one for our daughter.  I cannot lie, it was hard to take them off but once I dropped them off at the jeweler I felt at peace and the decision was made.

I just picked them up this week and I love what they did.  I will let our daughter have her pick because it doesn’t matter to me. No matter what I will always have one of them to wear and with it I will have all its love and memories.

Wedding rings as pendants for widow