My Journey of Grief and Healing

We were married for twenty-seven years when Donnie died of cancer at the age of fifty-three.  I was fifty and very angry with life.  We did everything right, worked hard, saved, brought up two children and we were suppose to enjoy our later years with travel and couple time.  The dream failed and I couldn’t accept it.

I found my healing by talking to other widows and listening to their journeys of Grief and Healing.

For my personal journey as a widow please visit   But even more important listen to your heart so you can start your own journey to healing.

I’ve lived a completely different life then I had planned, but I found a passion to believe.  This forced me to think outside of my own grief and that was my saving grace.  I’ve passed the five year mark and I want to thank everyone that has traveled this journey with me.  In some ways I have to thank those that have also drifted out of my life and in so doing left room for some new friends.

Life does move on and it takes some doing to get back on life’s highway but its much better on the highway then in the ditch 🙂    Please don’t give up because life is worth living, even if it is on your own.

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