How Can I Help My Friend Grieve?

Widows who grieve often remember that special friend who helped them go from grief to a renewed sense of life.  Here are a few tips on how to help your friend grieve:

Don’t be afraid to mention her late husband.

Call her often so that she has someone to share her feelings with.

Write her a note or send a card. Include a warm, caring or interesting fact about something she is interested in.

Be specific when offering help. Volunteer to shop, do laundry, bring dinner or drive them around as they do all the paperwork.

Remember your help will be even more valuable as time passes and people stop calling.

Think about her hobbies and try to get her involved in them again.

Ask your friend to join you for a walk or meal at once a week. Keep trying and don’t take it personal if your friend rebuffs offers or doesn’t return your calls.

Widows often work through grief by telling their story over and over. Listen well and unless you are asked for your advice, don’t be quick to offer it.

Your friend’s life has changed forever. You may wish she would move on but avoid judgments because you can’t speed the process.  Let your friend heal at the pace that feels right for her.

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