Health Insurance for Widows

Health insurance may be the last thing on your mind but you need to understand your coverage.

Many widow find themselves in difficult situations after their husband’s death because they were covered under their husband’s employee health insurance program.  Once he passes on the wife can be left with little to no health insurance for herself.

Alternative family health insurance packages come in all sizes to fit your family needs and budget.  A death in the family is always an emotional hardship but it can also be a financial hardship.

You have options but they don’t just show themselves – you will have to check out your policies and see what options you have.  Don’t wait until you have no health insurance, get sick and then can’t get any coverage.  Your health has to be protected and the best way to ensure that is to take time to look at all the coverage options.

I know you are tired of all the paper work that had to be done when your husband died but this time the paper work is for you.  Not all plans are equal and policies differ if you still have children at home, if your age is under 50, if you smoke, if you work etc.

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  1. sharon roberts

    would like info on health insurance for a widow

  2. Mary Francis

    Hi Sharon – health insurance has too many options to be able to offer any advise through this site. Please contact a local health insurance company (try to google it) for more specific information to suit your needs. Take care, Mary Francis

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