Taking Care Of Your Body

Taking care of your body means different things at different stages of your life.  For one thing, accidents are a major cause of death and disability so think twice before any reckless behavior.

After Donnie’s death I got my motorcycle license but I would never be reckless enough to go without a helmet or to drink and drive.  Donnie was a smoker and it contributed to his death so please quit smoking because it is the single greatest cause of preventable illness.

One of the secrets of healthy aging is knowing how to evaluate the riskiness of your behavior.  To experience healthy aging you must also be aware of your past medical history, your family history and medical examinations.

Keep a personal medical record that includes information of past illnesses, injuries, treatments, hospitalizations, current medications and family history.  Based on family history, identify what you are most at risk for, such as diabetes, high blood pressure etc.

Finally, watch your weight because even 20% more weight than “normal” can increase incidence of postmenopausal breast cancer, cancer of the uterus, colon and kidney.  Being too lean may also compromise your health so you should concentrate on maintaining optimum health by eating right and keeping physically active instead of focusing just on your scale weight.

Right now you are the most important person to your family and to yourself.  Taking care of your body is one way to acknowledge your value.


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