Christmas Without Our Husbands

Christmas without your loved one may tire you out – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Just below the surface of your calm is a tired and angry person that threatens what little control you may have over your emotions.

It is Christmas and we cling to the essence of the holidays that had always brought joy to our hearts.  With all the strength you can gather, the holidays will proceed – with family, food and gifts.

But faith is what help guided me through and helped me realize that each and every moment is sacred, another memory to cherish.

The truth is that not one of us – not a single person – knows for sure that this is not our last Christmas. With my children and grandchildren I will be mindful of each and every moment.  This Christmas will create special memories for them when my time has passed.

It has changed but I’m still here and so are my family and friends.  There are many blessing to be thankful for, not the least is our own health and our future life as we heal and learn to be happy again.


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