Love Lives On

As a widow the world is new to you and you may be living alone for the first time in years and maybe for the first time in your life.

You may be finding out that you can do many things on your own.  In fact, a quiet Saturday to yourself to watch TV, read a book or visit a friend is just what you need. But, you are just getting to meet your new self and you may be vulnerable right now.

There is no way to avoid your feelings of freedom and yet the feeling of being lost without having someone in your life.  It can all be very confusing.  The experience of discovering new things and finding a new life may make you comfortable being single again or maybe you have reached a point where you want to love again.

You run the risk of not going after the good things life has in store for you because of fear.  Only you can judge what is best for you because love lives on only if it’s what you want for yourself.

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  1. Judy Brizendine

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Mary. Widowhood is surely confusing, uncomfortable, and can be fearful–just like you’ve said. At times, I wanted to rush the process because I so wanted to get past the place where I was.

    I just encourage anyone who is going through this grieving process of widowhood to give it the time it takes for you. And, whatever you do, regardless of how uncomfortable you may be, do not let fear stop you from pushing through the hard places to reach a place of healing. I know you can get there, in your own time, if you want that for yourself! It is not easy, but it is doable.

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