Retail Therapy

When Donnie died I was anything but normal. I was unable to think clearly at work,  found socializing painful and used “retail therapy” to ease my pain.

If I bought a new outfit or other stuff it only made me happy for the moment.  Once I became creative I started doing things that gave me something to do with my time and didn’t cost me big money.

My daughter Angela and I did some scrapbooking by creating memory books.  Instead of shopping for clothes I didn’t need, I would have fun shopping for just the right item for my memory page.

I started going to all day auctions and would have fun bidding on the odd item that I found interesting.  Often I would come home without anything but had a fun day out of the house doing something different.

Eventually I started researching how to write and publish a book.  I spent lots of time at the library and talking to other authors about how they did it.

It is the creative process that helps you transcend your pain and create a new, stronger life for yourself.  Whenever I find myself feeling lonely or depressed or lost, I fight the urge to run out and impulsively shop.  Instead, in the midst of my pain, I will redecorate a room, paint or wallpaper, reorganize my closets or create another memory page.

Currently I’m working on several kindle books and it adds some excitement into my quiet home life.

All of these things have added to my peace of mind and helped me to grieve and heal.

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