Do You Have a Spirit of Integrity?

                     If you are living a life of integrity there will be harmony at every level:  body, mind and spirit.

Spirituality is about the longing of every human for a deeper sense of meaning and purpose that goes far beyond our daily struggle to “just get by”.  Having faith and integrity is not something one can easily describe or be taught because we need to experience it to understand it.

I encourage you to be open-minded about your place in this world and to consider the possibility that you are a spiritual being here to live a life of integrity.

Question – If a life of integrity gives us deeper meaning than why do many of us act in ways that lack integrity?

All of our choices have pros and cons and doing the right thing may be more troublesome and less convenient and so we take the easy way.

Own up to where you are making the easy choices rather than the right choices.  This self-reflection will give you a healthy dose of humility.  It’s time to think about your integrity in life choices and how they are impacting the quality of your life.

As you grieve take a moment to reflex not only on your past, but on what you want out of life in the future.

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