The Buck Stops Here

There are no gender divisions in the life of a widow. You are not completely a wife and/ or one of the bread winners.  As a widow “You” are absolutely everything.

You can’t say ‘you do the yard work’ and ‘ I’ll be in charge of keeping the house clean.’ Or ‘you work to cover the bills’ and ‘I’ll work for the extras we want’. You do it all.

You feed the kids, you care for them when they are ill, you do all the shopping, you keep the car running, you pay the mortgage, you pay all the taxes and insurances, you do the yard work…you, you, you.

On top of everything else “You”  have to make all the life changing decisions on your own, so when you think about it – you are pretty amazing.

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  1. Carman

    This is one of the most truest statements. For as long as I can remember it’s been the two of us tag-teaming life, it’s only been a month but I feel lost. We had worked our entire lives out in our heads never expecting such a drastic tragedy. I was a stay-at-home mom, doing all the things that one could only imagine; it was such a good life. Now the things I lived by such as “men take the trash out” or “dad is going to teach you how to be a man”, have changed!!! What am I to do as only one of a pair?

  2. Mary Francis

    You have an inner strength that you will draw on as time goes by. Although you are one parent you have the love of two and your children will feel it.

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