Listen With Your Heart

Do you often wish that others would really listen to what you have to say?  Do you find that when they do listen it is only because they knew that their turn to talk was coming?

There isn’t really anything you can do about them except for setting an example.  Learn to listen – not just to their words, but to the feelings behind their words.  Learn to “listen with your heart”.

Some listening tips:

  • Focus on the person and not just the ideas being expressed.
  • Avoid distractions such as phone calls and TV.
  • Don’t view complaints as a personal attack.
  • Avoid thinking about your answers while they are still talking.
  • Pride may stop you from listening if you think you have nothing to learn.

If you are already a good listener, you are ahead of the game.  Whenever possible, put yourself in an area away from noise and distractions when you want to listen with your heart.

Also put yourself in a positive mental mindset where you are open to communication even if it’s not something you want to hear.

If you “Listen With Your Heart” both you and those around you will be better for it.

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