Your “Soul” Checkup

Do you want to have more meaning in your life?  We are all spiritual beings and it’s that part of us that searches for meaning.

Ask yourself a spiritual question and then explore it’s answer.  Example: How do I make sense of my husband’s death and live with it?  Meditating, writing in your journal and prayer will help you gain clarity about your spiritual beliefs.

We all experience times of natural beauty, friendship, a quiet place of peace – revisit these memories and feel how they imprint on you.

Many of us grew up thinking of God as the all-powerful “Father”.  That is true but I’ve found the being a parent also has a lot to due with love and helping our children to grow. Reflecting on this has helped me to think about my own “soul” checkup and the freedom that comes from being loved has helped me to reconnect with my own truth.

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