Your Time Defines You

I am more aware of time now that I am on my own.  Something about being a widow does that to you.

My soul tells me that I have a finite amount of time left, and that hangs over everything I do.  I’m more conscious and appreciative of my space and those that share it.

How you spend your time defines who you are and to waste your time is to waste yourself.  Don’t let yourself go to waste by letting the darkness of grief cast a shadow on the light that you need.

Give yourself time to just be the person you are meant to be.  That doesn’t mean that you are busy every minute of the day (that’s my biggest challenge).  Instead, it’s knowing how to use your time to breath and enjoy the journey.

You cannot give and give and give of yourself to others and not replenish yourself.   So here is the tough question – “If you have no life to live for yourself, then why are you here?”  You control what you do with your time, we all do.  Protect your time- you only have a limited amount of it.

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