I Don’t Know What to Say

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We all know someone who has lost a loved one or who has just been diagnosed with a terminal illness.  You think “What am I going to say?” or “How am I going to say it?”

The funny thing is that as soon as you hear their voice, your connection kicks in, and your conversation will flow as it always has.  You have a relationship, a past that includes memories, friends and shared experiences.

You will be so glad that you picked up the phone and just called.  It can be as easy as just saying “I’m sorry it took me so long to call, but I didn’t know what to say”.  That’s all you have to say because they will just be happy to hear from you.  Don’t be afraid that you won’t get it right – is there even a “right” way to say things!

My own experiences have led me to determine that they need someone to talk to, offers of assistance and sincere expressions of caring.  You can cook, shop, arrange for a girls day out, etc. to give them more time for healing.  Use your creativity to figure out what they need because sometimes words aren’t even necessary.  A look, a hug, a touch or just being there can say it all.



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  1. Roberta Rizzo

    Hi I have only been a widow for close to one year, it has been tough and getting tougher he my beloved husband went hom to be with the lord aug 17,2012 i at this time am a emotional wreck, It’ s hard so hard I am sorry this is tough this does not get easier.

  2. Mary Francis

    I’m sorry to hear about your husband. It’s true that the first year with all it’s anniversaries is hard but the best thing to do is to find others to share time with. You still have a life to live and you are worth it. Please take time to look over all the resources on the website and sign up for the newsletter at no cost. Look after yourself.

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