Certified Grief Recovery Specialist

I finished my course and I’m now a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist

Five years ago if you had asked me if I would ever have gone into teaching a Grief  Recovery Method I would have said no.  I had worked full time for the same organization for over 34 years and the last thing I wanted was more change.

But here I am five years later moving into a completely new area of teaching and I’m ready. My own journey in grief and healing has had many bumps along the way, but now I’m more settled and content with my life than I ever thought possible when Donnie first died.

I’ve learned that grief is a unique relationship and that it’s normal and natural is grieve.  It’s also normal to realize that death has ended some of our hopes, dreams and expectations for the future.

We are told to let go and move on in life, but no one tells us how to accomplish that.  The Grief Recovery Method Outreach Program not only makes that possible, but also provides guidance to ensure it happens.

Please check your area to see if there are any Outreach Programs and if so take the time to check them out.  If you are in my area ( Saint John and Fredericton, N.B. Canada) I am doing two -10 week Outreach Programs starting in September.

For more information on locations and please email me at  mary@thesisterhoodofwidows.com


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