What Is Your “Truth”?

It seems that we are constantly told untruths and need to filter everything we hear.  But let’s focus on ourselves instead of others – that’s where it really matters.

  • What do you really stand for? 
  • What will you compromise on?
  • What will you not compromise on, no matter what the benefit?
  • Who are you behind the “Mask” that you show the world – when no one is looking?

These are deep questions and we often move through our lives without ever addressing them.  We hide and tell ourselves untruths out of fear and doubt but it only prevents us from growing.

You are a wonderful and special person and that’s the truth.  I believe God does not create anything that isn’t beautiful and it’s the world that tells us untruths.

Dare to explore the truth about yourself, dare to step up and claim the life you were born to have and address the changes you need to make.  We need to keep ourselves above the gossip and trivialities of life as they distract us from our own truths.

You will eventually reach the mountain top and when you do you will see the world with a much clearer point of view.  You will see that it’s not the world that needs to change – the change has to start with your own truths.

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