Have You Lost A Friend?

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Have you ever met someone that touched your heart and soul after only a few times together, a person with a rare sense of who they are, who knew how to laugh at themselves and to share the joy of life?

Tomorrow I’m going to the funeral of a lady that I only spent a few times with but who touched my soul in a very profound way.  

I met Pat when she first came to one of our “Chick’s Night Out” groups.  Pat had lost her husband a while before and was just finishing her own cancer treatments.  She came with her headband and the biggest smile ever.  Pat enjoyed life to the fullest – no holding back. 

Pat was “Santa” this pass Christmas and she would stomp her foot to show that the rain deer were on the roof. We all laughed until the tears were rolling down our cheeks.  

In the short time I knew Pat I came to understand that she had the gift of “life”.  Pat was at peace with who she was and didn’t worry about anything or anyone.

Everyone should be blessed to have a “Pat” cross their path in life long enough to show them how to live, really live – no holding back.

Thank you Pat – You took a piece of my heart with you.

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