Who are we?

Without the “wife” role to play, who are we?

Widows need to be ready to just be the best that they can be… to show the world who they really are.   No matter our shape, color, age or size we are beautiful and capable to reach our goals.

My goal is to help widows show their true selves to the world with enthusiasm and a joy for living.  If it’s in a widow’s heart to do something her way, then I say “go for it”.

We stress over what we put on our bodies.  We stress every time we look in a mirror.  We have to stop and take that first step to acknowledge that we are beautiful as we are.

Have confidence in your natural beauty – inside and out.  It is the inside that people respond to and what makes friendships and loving relationships last.

A widow should be able to stand in front of a mirror and feel good about what she sees.  A widow’s true inner beauty depends on who she is, where she comes from and her experiences along the way.

Grief is a journey that will lead you to a whole new world.  Instead of holding back, reach out to that new world knowing that you may not be control of all the events in your life but you are in control of how you react to them.

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