Controlling Stress

Our anxiety and stress is usually caused by something or someone. So, dealing with symptoms will only ever be half of the story.

I know that the death of a loved one is the number one cause of high stress and I totally understand that stress is a normal reaction to grief.  But as we heal we need to look at what is unhappy or unbalanced in our lives and find ways of changing what we can change and letting go of what is out of our control. 

Scientists now believe that a moderate amount of stress helps you prepare for the challenges you’ll encounter during the day.  That may be true but it’s still important to learn to control stress before it goes from moderate to high and takes control of your life.

Some ways to improve your stress levels are:

  • Listening to music you like.
  • Meeting up with friends more regularly.
  • Making time for your leisure interests and hobbies.
  • Taking up some regular sport – competitive or otherwise.
  • Getting more fresh air by going to the countryside or city parks.
  • Applying (oils) or inhaling Aromatherapy fragrances may lift your mood. 
  • Breathing technique: Lie down in a comfortable position on your bed or floor. With relaxed concentration, focus on the idea that your entire body is breathing air in and then out and doing it very slowly.  Continue with this breathing technique for several minutes. 

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