Beyond Grief

Widows are probably one of the most misunderstood groups in the world today.

Family and friends tell her how she should be feeling and doctors want to medicate anyone that is grieving pass one year.  Society judges if you grieve too little or too long and only thinks she is “successful” if she gets back to her “old self” again.

I’ve learned by talking to hundreds of widows and teaching the Grief Recovery Method that there is no norm, no set pattern for healthy grieving and recovery.  It may be difficult for a widow to grieve if she is judging her recovery by the standards of others.  A widow’s grieving is personal, her experience unique and she shouldn’t worry about measuring up to any “rules” of recovery.

It’s best if a widow can separate herself from the beliefs and attitudes of others and get in touch with how she is feeling and her own recovery.  We are not prepared for widowhood and the world is filled with people ready to give advise, but remember that each widow’s journey is her own and it should not be filled with half-truths and myths.

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