The Loneliness Factor

When our spouses were alive, we were more content to sit around on a Saturday night to watch TV and eat leftovers.

But now they are gone and loneliness is our new companion.  So our desire to get out increases and we socialize more, eat out more, see more movies and go on more trips.  And with all that our expenses tend to increase, not decrease as we fight the loneliness factor.

Statistics indicate that women outlive their husbands and her future often depends on his source of income and how well they planned for the future.

The outcome of their planning will have a direct affect on the surviving woman’s quality of life and her options in fighting the loneliness factor once she is on her own.

Loneliness is a huge issue when you go from being a couple to being on your own.  I know that money isn’t everything but that’s easy to say if you have money and not so easy if you’re too broke to go out to the movies with your friends.

Take the time to really check out all the details of your finances and then plan for your night outs and trips based on what you can afford. Sometimes just getting out to the local coffee shop or some window shopping with friends is all that’s needed to beat the loneliness factor.

Everyone has their special way to beat the loneliness – my favorite is to go to the local second hand shop and have a good dig for that special something at a price that I can’t refuse:-)

What’s do you do to avoid the “loneliness” of a Saturday night?

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  1. Wilda

    my church has a large singles ministry…we have a Saturday night Bible Study and then go out to eat or play board games at someone’s house:)

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