What Is Your Vision?

I know you can hardly think ahead from day to day but to heal you must have a vision for a new future.

We spend years planning and creating a vision of our future shared with our loved ones and when that vision is crushed we need to create a new one.  If you don’t you will drift along with no safe harbor and no enjoyment in life. 

Your vision can start by thinking about where you want to be in one year, two years, five years.  The first step is to invest some time and energy into creating a mental picture of yourself happy, secure and settled.  Put your thoughts down on paper to help convert your vision into goals that you want to achieve.

Don’t worry about feeling sad for what you have lost – that is normal and to be expected. Work through that sadness to create a vision of a life you can find joy and contentment in.  

This future of joy and contentment will not come in a few months or even a few years but to escape depression you need to have faith and hope for your future and this vision will give it to you.

 When you have something to strive for and it’s critical that you do, you can start to think of a future that will help you heal.

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