We Get What We Expect

We tend to attract what we expect in life.

If you play golf with your lucky coin, telling yourself that you must have it to win, then you are right.  But it is not the lucky coin that has all the power, it is your mind attracting the win.

If you think that every time you save up some spare cash an unexpected expense will wipe you out.  Then you will keep getting wiped out.

Doctors find that their patients tend to heal in accordance with their expectations.  Dr. Carl Simonton, in his work with cancer sufferers in the States, has noted how his patients’ recovery repeatedly reflected their expectations of recovery. Once cancer has reached pass a certain point of treatment it is near impossible to reverse, but we continue to hear stories of miracle cures.  I can’t help but feel that the person’s mental attitude was part of their cure or at least given them some extra time.

One person says, “Others always ignore me, treat me badly and talk down to me,” they will find that is what life deals them.  Another person says, “People always treat me with respect,” and they are treated well.  

What does this all mean?  It tells us that we are in control.  We decide what words we say to ourselves and those words control our thoughts.  How you think teaches others how to treat you and attracts either positive or negative into your life. We get from life largely what we expect to get.

What thoughts are you putting out?

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