Stop Disowning Your Anxiety

How we think about something does affect the way we feel about it.  No matter how hard we try to get rid of our anxiety, thinking about it only makes it worse.

The more you focus on your anxiety the more strength you give it.  You need to stop disowning your anxiety and instead of attempting to stifle it, accept its presence.  As you stop suppressing your anxiety, it will gradually diminish because you are not focusing on it.

Positive thinking, self-talk and visualization can be helpful but the most powerful thing to do is acknowledge how you feel.  Then you can set aside old myths and open the way for a new understanding of your emotional life.  Fighting our emotions or trying to use willpower to overpower them, is not the answer as it only makes them more intense.

Take ownership of how you are feeling – let yourself feel grief, fear and anxiety as it’s all part of your grieving and healing journey.

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