Small Moments of Joy

The holidays are supposed to be one big Currier & Ives moment, but that just creates a holiday pressure cooker.

Done right,  the holidays are a time to connect with family and friends and get back in touch with our values.  Even more, they allow us those small moments of joy and contentment that helps us to enjoy the season.  

But done wrong, the holiday celebrations create jangled nerves, sleepless nights and disappointments.  When holidays don’t go the way we think they should they can trigger anxiety or depression.

We try to do everything for everybody so they will have the magic of Christmas but the truth is that the more stressed we get the less we will notice the magic that is around us.

Reflect on your values and what the holiday season really means to you.  Why are you inviting the whole clan over when this Christmas you just want a small group?  Why are you doing all the usual Christmas decorations when the outside lights are too hard by yourself?

Decide how you want to celebrate by picking what is important and getting rid of what is not.  Just keep in mind that what is important to you may be different than what’s important to the rest of the family.  

I know that the holidays can highlight the missing person and it’s not like the pass holidays, but focus on the moment, celebrate in a new way or in a new place.  Make sure that you schedule in some time just to hang out and enjoy the small moments of joy.

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