You Need To Be Social

Social connections are more powerful than you realize.  They support your health and longevity so much that they are needed even more then exercise and nutrition.

I have known people who gave up on life after they lost their loved ones and they stopped living years before they actually died.  They were so overwhelmed by the idea of getting out there and building new relationships that they didn’t even try.

A study of 4,000 men and women in California showed a direct link between the size of one’s social circle and survival, with larger circles bringing more health and longevity.

Having just one close friend cuts mortality by a third, and the benefit increases the more your circle broadens. 

Isolation not only increases your illness and shortens your life, it also can breed depression.  Women are twice as susceptible to depression as men because we are social by nature.

Don’t let the holidays go by without connecting with your friends and loved ones.  Not only will you make them feel better seeing you get out and about, but it will give you an emotional lift.

If you don’t steadily renew your connections you may end up swept up in isolation before you realize what happened.  Surveys show that 60 percent of older women live alone but those who get out of the house and stay involved with their communities, activities and friends do well; those who don’t tend to age faster.

We are wired for real social connections, to be doing things together and to be relevant to others. Remember your life choices are yours to make so start working on your future by making the effort to get out – be part of this crazy and wonderful world that we all live in.  

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