Advice – Good and Bad

What makes advice good for one person and yet bad for another?  Is it the advice, the person giving it, the person receiving it or just the timing?

We all receive advice and give advice (wanted or not) and it’s all around us as we start a new year.  My advice is not about budgets, goal setting or losing weight but instead it’s about what you really need to hear.

  • Live life with the unlimited vision of a child who thinks everything is possible.
  • What you achieve in life is directly related to how much goodness you bring in.
  • Commit to paying attention to your relationships or you will lose them.
  • Live by your sense of integrity and your word will have value.

Maybe right now you can’t see how to overcome an obstacle, accomplish your dreams or move through your grief.  But today you can take steps of faith to pursue new opportunities, to explore new hobbies, break bad habits and focus on a positive mindset.

It’s not too late to accomplish a life that has everything you desire.  You have been through disappointments and things are not be the way you’d planned, but you must shake it off.

Put actions behind what you believe in – there is healing in your future. 

8 Responses

  1. Chris

    Thanks so much for your blog and website. I am continually taking baby steps and am moving forward through my grief.
    Have a healthy and adventurous 2014.

  2. Janet Coats

    Thank you so much for sharing with us your wisdom, my husband past away two months ago. I am so new to all of this it helps to read your blogs. Thanks again

  3. Janet E. Watts

    Well said, Mary! Keep up the good work in 2014!

  4. Mary Francis

    Thank you Janet – It’s because of the support I get from the readers that I do this. Take care, Mary

  5. Mary Francis

    Thank you Janet – your kind comment is appreciated. Mary

  6. Mary Francis

    Taking baby steps means that you are moving towards healing and creating a future for yourself. Good going, Mary

  7. Vicki jones

    Thank you for your insight and wisdom. I too lost my husband of 38 years two months ago. Just trying to get through each day. Not sure how to do this but I’m just trying to breath and look forward.

  8. Mary Francis

    Hold on tight to friends and family because it’s a rocky road. The journey does get easier but grief has to have its time. There is no right or wrong way to grieve so take a deep breath and just keep on moving. Your going to be ok because healing comes after the grief. Mary Francis

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