Save Their Voice Mail

Voice messages can allow bereaved friends and relatives to feel, if only temporarily, closer to the departed but they can easily get lost.

Messages disappear in system upgrades. They are deleted by companies intent on keeping subscribers’ inboxes within preset limits. They go missing during carrier-to-carrier switches. 

Holding onto a lost loved one’s voice has become so important that many people save and re-save messages for years to prevent automatic deletion. There are ways to permanently save voice mails, but most people do not think like archivists.

The saddest callers are those whose needs cannot be met — whose treasured messages are suddenly lost.  Another benefit of getting their message off the phone and onto a separate machine is that others may be more comfortable calling and getting your message instead of their lost father, mother, son, daughter or spouse.

If you have a voice mail from your loved one then protect it by recording the message on a separate machine that you own and control.  There are also some great picture frames where you can have both their picture and their voice saved as a treasured memory. 


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