Know Your Demons

Most of us want to run from our demons.  When our life gets crazy we want to be anyone but who we are and where we are.  But our trials help us gain greater maturity so that we can recognize our demons and the insecurity they evoke.

If we accept that struggle and pain are an inherent part of life and we are willing to learn from difficult situations, we can actually gain a new sense of freedom.

Even though we don’t have any idea how things are going to turn out, if we just acknowledge our feelings, no matter how painful they are, our grief will become more manageable.

When we stand our ground and face our demons, they lose some of their power. We feel like life is going to overwhelm us and yet as we get through it we discover just how strong we are.

Maturity is realizing that the outcome of any situation is often affected by how we cope with the challenge.  The true test of growth is to learn to accept uncertainty, disappointment and feelings of despair.  As widows, we must learn to live with a greater degree of uncertainty and humility.
We need to be honest with ourselves and recognize our limitations.  Growing means accepting that we are responsible for our own care, protection and fulfillment.  It means appreciating your uniqueness and being  easy with yourself. In admitting how little we know, we gain strength and a stronger connection with who we really are.

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