Don’t Procrastinate

You need to stop and think about the fact that your time is limited. Of course nothing brings this as close to us as the loss of our spouse but sometimes in our grief we forget about our own future.

If you live to be 80 years old, you will have lived 29,200 days. Think about this because if you are 40 right now you’ve already lived 14,600 days. How are you spending your day?

Each day is a gift of time that you will never see again. We are all guilty, to an extent of wasting time as though our time will never run out.

The best way to end procrastination is to add deadlines on all your goals. Define your purpose in life and you will find that each day will be more important to you.

By living your life with a healthy sense of urgency you will live up to your full potential. Do this and you will never want to procrastinate.

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