Will You Have Enough Money?

The Telegraph Journal had an article called “Almost 1 in 3 retired Canucks return to work.” The article stated that 30 per cent of retired Canadians return to work because they misjudged how much it would cost to live.

Another online survey was reported as saying that 33 per cent of respondents who went back to work said they didn’t save enough money for retirement. That they wished they had found more ways to save for retirement and hadn’t “spent money so mindlessly.”

If you didn’t plan for your senior years before the death of your spouse than you can’t hide in the sand hoping that everything will work out. You need to make sure that retirement planning is your main priority and tax time is the perfect time to gather up all your paperwork.

The day before Christmas I was getting some last minute grocery’s at Sobeys and the lineups were backed up at least 10 people deep. I was tired and just wanted to get home. When it was finally my turn to be cashed out there on the register was a lady who was in her late sixties. I thought I was tired but she was struggling. God bless this lady because at her age working late on Christmas Eve, at a grocery store, is definitively because of a financial need.

If you think money is tight now than I hate to tell you how much worse it will be for you after the age of sixty-five. You have to take responsibility for your financial situation because if you don’t than old age may find you working on your feet for minimum wage.

Get your paperwork together and seek out a financial adviser at your bank or ask around for someone to be recommended to you.

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