Tell People How You Feel

Sometimes our biggest regret at a funeral is that we didn’t fully communicate to our loved one just how much we loved them.

Other times we let conflicts with friends and family members remain unresolved.  This prevents us from forgiving, healing and moving forward with the people we care about.

If you have a conflict with a loved one who is still here, the simple act of telling them what you’re hoping to achieve in the relationship is half the battle.  Sometimes a conflict is just a misunderstanding that can be talked out.

Write down what the cost is to your peace of mind when you do not communicate how you feel.  Think about how your relationships would be affected if you told them how you feel.

Let people know how much they mean to you.   It’s quite normal to feel a little awkward about this exercise because we get used to hiding our emotions.  But don’t let another day go by without letting the people who mean the most to you know how you feel.

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