Midlife Wisdom

Midlife wisdom is only acquired with the passing of time.  By living a full and examined life we acquire a unique strength plus confidence in ourselves.

We desperately need this wisdom now.  We must speak out on our own behalf and on behalf of those we love.  One of the blessings of midlife is that we are no longer willing to settle.  

Humor is one of our ways to connect with our inner wisdom.  To be able to laugh at ourselves and to make light even in the midst of a difficult situation is a great blessing.  It breaks the intensity and allows us to get some perspective.

One of the benefits of moving into maturity is that we have the wisdom to be more protective of our time.  At midlife, we are willing to say no to some things in order to make room to say yes to what matters.  Saying no is a way of caring for and honoring one’s inner soul.

I love that I have less of a need to prove myself or to please others, I can just allow my inner wise woman to be free.  The older I get the more I ask myself:  “Is this how I want to spend my time?”

This is your time to claim all that you’ve done and all that you are – your authentic self.  Remember to be protective of your time because that’s the highest form of self-care.

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