Dreaming Your Dream

Remember when you were involved in an activity and the time passed so fast that you never even noticed it?  Remember when you wanted to change the world?  Remember taking risks for love or for your dream job?  Where did that girl go?

It’s not just that we loss track of our spirited self but that somewhere along the way the pressures of life have erased our dreams.

What would you do if money wasn’t a concern?  I encourage you to let your imagination run free.  Remember that sense of wonder you felt as a child?  That feeling of power when you wanted to know and do everything.  Well, it’s time to rekindle those feelings and if you need to be inspired than go where children are and watch them play.  They play with pure delight and with a childlike sense of curiosity.

Our dreams can range from simple pleasures to the longing for a grand adventure.   So I ask you:  ” What was your dream before you stopped dreaming?”

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