Cruising With Friends

I just got back from a cruise with some girl friends and it was like a breathe of fresh air into my life.  It’s a whole different life out there from my normal everyday routines and although I don’t want it every day it sure is nice to expand my world.

Cruising Feb 2014
But the truth of the matter is that it isn’t the cruise, the travel or the food (lots of food) that makes a trip a success – it’s the friends and family that you travel with.  I have traveled a lot by myself but nothing beats having others to share the experience with.

One night at supper we are dining on the cruise ship and the food is the best – one of the ladies says “I wonder if they make their own rolls” and we all started laughing until tears rolled down our faces.  No we said “They bring them in fresh everyday” – of course we were teasing her because we were at sea with no bakery in sight and so the fresh rolls had to be made on the ship. It was so funny and nothing heals better than laughter.

If you can’t get away then just have a local dinner or coffee with your friends.  Social time with friends and a good old belly laugh will help you more than any medicine in the world.

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