What Are We Doing To Ourselves?

I’ve been working in the field of healthcare for over thirty years and it’s crazy how fear and insecurity have taken over our lives.

The stats show that the United States spend over nine BILLION dollars a year on stress management.  Think about it!  Are we really living in a time that is so much more difficult than the generations that came before us?  Generations that went through the World Wars, extreme poverty, racial intolerance and unfair sexual rights?

Are we facing more real life threatening situations or have we lost touch with reality and what’s really important?

It seems to me that life has gotten faster, media is more negative, technology demands immediacy and marketing has pushed the boundaries of common decency. What are we doing to ourselves?

Help yourself by getting in touch with your own clear vision of common sense.  See just how absurd and needlessly complex and stressful our everyday lives have become.

Over the last several years I’ve seen a movement towards “simplicity” and a desire to return to the way people lived fifty or sixty years ago.  Of course we can’t go back to those days before T.V. and email.  In truth our lives are so much better than our grandparents who had a much smaller world and limited possibilities.

But we can learn from that generation’s lifestyle and find a balance between yesterday’s peace and today’s stress.

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