A Time For Change

There are many reasons for making a change.  We may no longer have a sense of purpose or we are just tired of doing what we have always done.

Many mid lifers (boomers) start their own businesses and they become part of an older generation that is self-employed and loving it.

Sometimes it isn’t external events that motivates change but a feeling within ourselves that pushes us to start pursuing the goals we chose in our youth.  Career coaches say that we will have an average of four to seven careers in our lifetime.

When I started looking for more I hoped that my life would be filled with a whole patchwork of new opportunities.  I was looking forward to every change but I also understand that not everything would work out as planned or be the right fit for me.

Once I decided to change I did one deliberate thing:  I decided that I would put myself in the way of new things and new people.  If you get out of your usual circles and let others know that you are open to change and new things, new opportunities are more likely to occur.

The only way to get unstuck is to ask for help, telling people what you need.  You have to be able to recognize the next new thing when it shows up – that means keeping your head up and your eyes open.

Years ago I was going to Las Vegas to attend an author’s group.  My main purpose was to meet Brian Tracy and get him to sign my book.  But life takes many surprise turns and on the way to the hotel from the airport I met an amazing lady on the bus.  Ann Morgan James will forever be part of my life as she totally opened up a new world for me.  Ann pushed me to go further than the book, to learn marketing, get Certified as a Grief Specialist and to stretch myself far beyond my comfort zone.

They say that when you are ready then the right people will come into your life.  I would add to that – you have to be open to change or these people will go back out of your life and you will be no better for knowing them.

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  1. kathleen

    first time visiting a widow website. thought it might help me get out of my rut..going into second year of losing my husband of 29 yrs.

  2. Mary Francis

    Welcome, take your time going through all the resources and blog postings. It’s also helpful to read the page where widows posted their questions and answers. Take care and remember that grief has to have it’s time. Mary Francis

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