Are You Stuck?

Some choose to stay stuck because the consequences of change seem too overwhelming and the risk too great.

Failure at something new seems more frightening than the current unhappiness.  Still others are passive players in life and they let their future be controlled by others.

We are social animals and so are expected to stay with the pack, doing the same thing, at the same time.  And when we don’t, the rest of the pack feels threatened by our change.  We may be making life-changing decisions that are met with jealousy or shock from others.

This can be a very vulnerable time and the best protection is to understand that the very people you hoped would understand might be threatened by your decision to step out and make changes.

My advice is to remember that you are the courageous one and don’t get discouraged.  A great advantage in midlife is the wisdom to understand and resist the pull to remain with the status quo.

It’s not about making the perfect choice – there is no single right choice.  Realize instead that there are lots of increasing options and possibilities waiting for you.  The Law of Attraction states that you attract to you what you focus and give your thoughts too.

It’s about asking yourself:

  • Is this decision going to increase my options for the future or decrease them? 
  • Will it expand my horizons or confine them?
  • Am I risking money I can’t afford to lose?
  • Will it stretch me out of my comfort zone and can I handle it?
  • Is this decision going to get me out of the house and into new friendships?

You may need to gather more information and resources but that’s just what I call “safe planning”.  But don’t delay so long that you are too tired, too comfortable in your arm chair, too sick or too old.

There will always be that fear of change so if you’re going to do it, do it now!  

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