Real Conversation

Good conversation is about listening, responding and relating with the other person.  It’s about opening the lines of communication by talking about subjects that will be interesting to the other person.

We are so overloaded with information that we walk around in our own little plastic bubble and don’t take the time to really have a deep and meaningful conversation with those around us.  We don’t think about what might engage the other person, we think of what we want to say next and the topic of conversation is often small and limited.

I worry that our reliance on virtual communication, is diminishing our ability to hold real conversations.  The art of connecting seems to be fading.  Instead of enriching conversations, people seem to have an incessant need to disclose those things which are irritating, overwhelming and negative.  

Instead of talking about what a hard time you had with someone – talk about an interesting book, music, play or show that you found fascinating.  We all have things in our lives that annoy us but what’s the point in talking more about it?

Real conversation should be about things that feel special to you, that are beautiful and enriching to our lives.  Think about what is important in your life – those are the things you need to share with people around you.

Let them see the best that you can be, the interesting and passionate person that exists within you.  If you want to really connect with other people, dig deep and talk about the things that really engage you and you will find that it will also captivate them.

Use conversation as a way to share the beauty you see in the world, not the petty annoyances of life.  In its best form, conversation is an art that enriches all parties.

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