Ending a Negative Relationship with Integrity

There are times when we have to accept that some people are too negative and the relationship needs to end.  The attitude you show when ending this relationship should be a class act. Just in case things should change remember to close every door gently, no kicking and no yelling.

Ending the relationship with integrity and class is something few people can do.  The trap of deception is deadly and it begins when you deceive yourself.  Unforgiveness is poisonous and will destroy you from within.  Release all you old pains and hurts because you can not change others, you can only change how you react to them.  Forget the blaming, complaining and accusations.

Always be honest to others about the reason for ending the relationship if they should ask. It is not necessary to give every detail but it is important that the details you give are accurate.  However,  if they don’t ask and the relationship just drifts away then let it.  

It is not always easy to end a relationship as it may require courage to face the future without that person.  If the relationship is ending do not let it go in a fit of anger.  Do not end it because of a misunderstanding or because someone else recommends that you do it.  

Sometimes a relationship is worth saving and sometimes it isn’t.  Only you can tell if the ending is necessary and if it is do it with integrity.

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