Use Education to Fight Mental Decline

When we lose a loved one we are under a lot of stress and that can contribute to our mental decline.  

It’s wonderful news that education is a particularly important protector against mental decline.  That’s because education, like physical and social exercise is an area of our lives over which we retain a good deal of personal control.

There are so many things that are out of our control that it’s powerful to know that there is something that we can control.  Education doesn’t have to involve degrees and time spent in a classroom.

Experiences at any age can compensate for limited educational opportunities earlier in our lives.  Education is a lifetime process that provides antiaging benefits, stress relief and a sense of well-being.

Education can range from preparing a gourmet meal, discussions, curiosity and the desire to learn can substitute for years of formal education.

Marilyn Albert of Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School has discovered four factors associated with enhanced brain function and healthy brain aging:

  • Education produces greater neuronal connections.
  • Strenuous exercise increases blood and oxygen supply.
  • Enhanced lung function increases oxygen in the bloodstream.
  • Self-efficacy is a belief in the worth of one’s future.

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