Article by Stephanie Chandler – A Widow’s Journey Through the First Six Months

Being a widow and knowing that you are alone is the hardest journey to take but we still have the knowledge that our husbands didn’t want to leave us. When you become a widow because your husband made that choice by taking his own life, it leaves you with whole lot of extra pain, anger and questions – some never to be answered.

Attached is a link to a great article from STEPHANIE CHANDLER   She is a reporter for the Shriver Report and an author of nine business and marketing books, including Own Your Niche. 

A Widow’s Journey Through the First Six Months

My body shook as the officer walked toward me. He was about to confirm what I had spent the last several hours telling myself could not be true. “There is no easy way to tell you this. Your husband took his own life.” I turned, ran ten steps, and…

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