Shift in lifestyle and longevity

There has been a major shift for people between fifty and seventy-five as this generation is expected to be the healthiest and longest lived in history.

The National Center for Health Statistics reports that an American who reaches the age of sixty-five can survive to age ninety – almost doubled from forty years ago.

AARP study shows that a surprising number of people plan to work during their retirement years.  We need to stay active for our lives to have purpose, to venture into new domains and develop new skills.

For longevity “retirement” should not be in our vocabulary and we need to challenge the culture that says aging leads to the deterioration of our mind and body.  There is a social and psychological benefit from being part of the community and enjoying life as we move into our leisure years.

You may be on your own but that doesn’t mean you have to be lonely.

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  1. Darlene Johnson

    Please help me are their any sites I lost my husband April 26 2014 are their any sites I can talk to other people on he had a aneurysm and stay in coma for three weeks please please Lord somebody help me. I’m so alone

  2. Mary Francis

    Try the chat form through Facebook called “widowNet” It’s a closed group but you can request to join. There you can share your stories and connect with others.
    Find groups in your home town by calling up local churches or funeral homes for advise. Take care, Mary Francis

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