Purpose of Life as per Deepak Chopra

I’m reading an article from Oprah’s magazine where Oprah and Deepak are having a conversation.  I can’t say that I understand or follow everything in the article but there were some key points that really stood out to me.

One is where Deepak says “The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness and the ability to love and have compassion.”  

Happiness, Love, Compassion = the purpose of life, now that makes sense to me.  It isn’t some deep hard to find soul searching purpose that most of us never reach.  It’s quite simply happiness, love and compassion for others and we can all follow that as our purpose in life.

Deepak and Oprah both talked about how everyone looks towards the future for their happiness and they miss the present.  We need to understand that this is the moment we have –  that we need to live in the present and embrace the uncertainty of the future because that is where creativity comes from.

Sometimes the quest to restore creativity and courage begins with learning to enjoy this moment – and the next – and the next.  Because that is all we really have.  One moment at a time.

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