Light A Fire From Within

I am proof that your life can change in an instant.  Just like every other widow out there knows – life is never the same the moment your husband dies.  I believe a piece of each of us goes with our loved ones when they leave us.

I took a leap of faith and wrote a book, became a speaker and certified Grief Recovery Specialist as well as a Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator.  But the crux of my journey lies in the fact that I did one simple thing above all else – I made a choice to take control of my wellbeing and lit a fire within me.

When you lose a loved one your life can burn out and different states of disease will move in.  Anxiety, depression, eating disorders and high blood pressure are just a few of the unwelcomed guests that come when we stop living and start dying.

You need to create a fire that will extinguish your pain and bring you out of that darkness where you are completely alone.  You need to dig deep into yourself and resolve to build a fire from the ashes.  It will start as a slow burn but then it will grow and spread until your true, authentic self is revealed.

It’s not easy and it’s not quick but a contained fire (passion for living) will transmute into something useful, positive and soon you will be saying, “I am more than this grief”.  You can use that energy to set a purpose to every aspect of your life.

I am doing it – it’s been almost seven years and lots of trials but it’s a journey that has made me a better person.  I’ve found a person who has an inner strength that I didn’t even know was there.

I’m no different from you – your inner strengths are there and if you will just light a fire within you will see them.  Make the choice to take control and on that day you will start healing.

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  1. georgina

    That’s exactly how I feel after 9 mos that I have to go forward. John passed away in April 24 2014 within in 3 weeks of being diagnosed with cancer.I am not a crier so I go to aqua fit twice a week walk twice a day for 30 mins. People ask how can you carry on? I have a lovely family great friends I also started a support group for 6 of us. I want to go forward and enjoy the life left with great memories and love for my wonderful husband and best friend I just do my best with my grief & sorrow.

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