Determination to Move Forward As A Widow

You’ve lost your loved one and life has lost it’s joy but you need to be determined to move forward.  Persistence is what it takes to get you through your grief so you can heal.

It’s been several years in the making: tons of hard work, anxiety about what I’m doing, late nights and lots of soul searching.  But guided by an overarching vision I’ve finally reached my goal.

What am I talking about?  It’s getting my book made into an Audio Book so that those that can’t read or have lost their vision can understand that they are not alone in their grief.

Three different actress’s read the chapters in the book and it’s on one Audio DVD to be listened to at your own pace.  It took time and persistence but it was important that widows would have this option and persistence paid off!

Some people think persistence is the same thing as determination.  Determination is the passion to achieve something.  Persistence is what gets you there.

We all know the feeling of beginning something new and feeling really enthused about it, but inevitable there will be roadblocks and setbacks.  This is where our inner critic says, ” I told you it was too hard”.  But I want to say that there is no such thing as being too hard.  Not if you have determination and take temporary setbacks in your stride.

Instead say to you inner critic, “I’m going to persist with this because I know I’m going to get there.”  Determination and persistence is what will keep you going when you make major changes as a widow – changes in you lifestyle will happen so you need to control them.  You need a vision of what you want first and then you will find a way to achieve it.

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