What To Do?

What can you do to help a loved one who is depressed?

You love and care for them but you can’t take their pain on.  You are powerless to make choices for them, even if you think your advice is needed. Sometimes people get comfortable in depression and pain becomes a familiar part of their life.

The best thing is to get them some professional help.  If they are chronically depressed their ability to cope with life is greatly compromised.  Their quality of life is so important that you can’t try once or twice to get them to see someone – do it until they go for help.

They may get defensive if you approach them with an attitude that they are “sick” and “have” to do it.  Instead you need to ask them to seek professional help for your sake because you’re worrying so much that it’s affect your own life.  That may be manipulative, but if it works than it will be worth it.

Another powerful strategy is to tell them that they deserve the help, rather than telling them they need it.  This way they don’t feel that you are being critical of them.  It’s easier if they feel that you want to do it with and for them and not to them. 

Keep trying to get them into treatment but remember that no matter how much you want them to get help, the choice is still theirs. 

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